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Israeli born singer, songwriter and actress, Anat Kriger, immigrated to Canada with one goal in mind: to become an artist. After graduating from Randolph college in 2018, she has since been working on her music and developing her own sound.

Anat's upcoming single "I Just Wanna Love You" (coming out on Sep 23) gives us a first-time glimpse at Anat as a songwriter; This is the first song the artist has ever written. “I’ve never considered myself a songwriter, and it almost feels like this song just came to me”. "I Just Wanna Love You" emphasizes the idea of being smitten and the lyrics are intended to take listeners through the complicated but beautiful journey of falling in love.

Anat is dedicated to sharing the experiences that have impacted her life through her music, in hopes that she can impact others. Her sound can be described as “soft indie pop”, and is sure to make you feel like love. 




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